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Our Cocktails

Signature Cocktails

St. Olave

Also known as St. Ghastly Grim, our local medieval parish church houses –amongst hundreds of bodies squeezed into the tiny churchyard – certain ‘celebrities’ from Pepys to the original Mother Goose to the harbinger of The Plague, with quite easily the most macabre of all church entrances. We are using a gin inspired by an alchemist of the same Century as The Plague, mixed with an ancient liqueur made by monks and a locally brewed mead for our ghastly fizz

Signature Cocktails


“He who owns this diamond will own the world, but will also know all its misfortunes. Only God or a woman can wear it with impunity.” So goes the curse of one of the largest, oldest and most famous diamonds in the world, kept under lock and key in the Tower of London, and no surprise that the diamond has only been worn by women in the Royal Family. Taking inspiration from the many Far Eastern Empires it had belonged to (and supposedly assisted in their downfall), we have created a most tropical grounded by a large rock of ice

Signature Cocktails

Raven Master

Ah, the ravens. Although there can’t be many who still believe “the Crown will fall and Britain with it” if the birds bugger off, the superstition holds firm and the
six are still tended to by the Ravenmaster over a five hundred years on. The spoilt animals have caused their fair share of annoyance, from Kings to Presidents, from
soldiers to tourists, but no image is quite as gruesome as the badly behaved birds pecking poor Lady Grey’s eyes out from her severed head. Using the Ravenmaster’s favourite gin as well as some quintessentially English products, we have painted something of a less queasy scene with this delightfully fluffy fizz

Signature Cocktails

Semiotics Martini

It is clear that whilst many like the sound of a ‘martini’ less like the kick-arse intensity of the classic product, so we have made peace with a non-martini of the highest order: the French Martini. We have updated this drink using symbols and trees found throughout London, such as St. Paul’s (crowned by a pineapple and housing a walnut tree). We start of with a vodka martni of sorts before layering a pineapple and Champagne foam on top for a contrasting froth.

Signature Cocktails

Healing spirit

Although not necessarily haunted, the nearby Tobacco Dock is now known less for its history as a Grade I protected tobacco warehouse and more for its ill-fate as an master-class of a failed project in rejuvenation and it’s sporadic opening hours… such abandoned buildings are surely the real ghosts of London. In forlorn tribute, a combination
of rums and fruit that would’ve graced ships in the docks alongside tobacco and spices, served with pineapple pearls and spiked with black treacle also created on the banks of the Thames by the now famous Tate & Lyle sugar refinery built in the same Century.

Signature Cocktails

McColloh Folley

Much to the amusement of many, lore has it that the chairman of an American oil corporation had bought the original London Bridge in 1962 after having mistaken it for the far more iconic Tower Bridge that we overlook. Whatever the truth we won’t let it stand I the way of a good story, and the old bridge still remains by Lake Havasu in Arizona where it has become something of an attraction in it’s own right. Like the rest of the South, Arizona is also well known for it’s love of a refreshing iced tea, which we have dutifully reconstructed in a cheeky nod across the Atlantic.

Signature Cocktails

Blood Mile Mojito

Although nowadays ‘murder miles’ are aplenty, in Medieval London the stretch past us from St. Paul’s to Algate via Leadhall Market is easily the original ‘murder mile’ with deaths more than 15 times more likely than in our modern town. We’ve given our signature Mojito a bit of ‘hellfire’, and used herbs and spices which would have been popular in the Medieval markets a thousand years ago.

Signature Cocktails

Poppy Field

Five years ago a striking art installation invaded the moat of the Tower of London, with 888, 246 red ceramic poppies commemorating the outbreak of World War I. It toured the world for four years before coming to rest in the Imperial War Museum. We continue the spirit of this commeration with a delicious take on an Old Fashioned.